The Academic Week for Grade 1 Pupils


The Academic Week for Grade 1 Pupils

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The academic week for Grade 1 pupils was done on June 20, 2022. There were a series of competitions like the Computer Typing Contest, Spelling Bee, Arts, Colouring, Reading, and Quiz Bee, which comprised questions about the core subjects like Science, Math, and Grammar.

There were two batches done for the computer typing contest. The first batch was won by Jon Jose Bento, and the second batch was won by Mirela Manjate. Congratulations.

In the Spelling Bee contest, the first prize was won by the group composed of Khush Jatin Arvin Kumar, Ayman Fakih, Josh Nhonguane, Habib Ly, and Alya Mussa.

For the Reading-a-loud contest, the first prize was won by Maria Angela Casaman, the daughter of Teacher Carlo. Congratulations. Meanwhile, the first prize in arts-colouring belongs to Kymani Nhacule.

For the main event, the so-called battle of the brains, or Quiz Bee, The overall winners were attained by group members Ehan Karim, Eric Dombo, Emanuela Mamhique, Mikayel Rehman, and Dominic Tiriamue. Congratulations again, everybody, and keep it up!