High School Visit at the Orphanage


High School Visit at the Orphanage


Last June 1, 2018, high school students went to an orphanage in Matola.  They gave clothing, food, toys, and other gifts to children who were marginalized.  This day was significant because it was Children's day, a day devoted to children's happiness and it is just fitting that the high school chose this day unrelenting to their needs and focusing it to help those who are in need most.  That giving to others will give them hope and inspiration because they know that they have more than those children in the orphanage.  Students should be feeling lucky and blessed.  But that is not the point.  This visit brings gratefulness to students and feeling empathy for the children in the orphanage is one gift that the students must have experienced.

Precisely the objective of this outreach is not only to give something to these kids but for high school students to grow and be aware of the environment. Afterward, teachers may tackle in their class why these things happen and what are the solutions to avoid this marginalization.  The children were not only abandoned by their parents but could have been also abandoned by society in general.  That's why this program is important, not for students to be aware, but for them to think and study how society can cope up.

Kudos to those organizers, Teacher Rindi, the high school principal, and the students, especially Patricia Manjate  Keep it up!