Kinder Graduation 2023 article


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Kinder Graduation 2023

The Kindergarten Department held their graduation on November 22, 2023, in the UEM Auditorium, Maputo.

The program started with a procession of the graduates and was then followed by a song interpretation of selected students from Kindergarten 2. Then came the National Anthem and a Welcome Address by Ayana Shakeel Sidat from the Kindergarten 2 Amethyst section. Mr. Mohammad Jamil Kassem, the school director, gave an inspiring speech. And afterwards, Ms. Juliet Upano, the headmistress of kindergarten, presented the graduates and then confirmed the school director. A pledge of loyalty was led by Kimaya Nhatsave to the graduates, who were composed of 15 boys and 25 girls.

The graduates belong to two sections led by teacher advisers Ms. Gloria Buenaventura and Ms. Juliet Upano, also the principal of kindergarten.

Under Teacher Buenaventura are Kinder 2 Diamond and Ms. Juliet Upano, Kinder 2 Ruby. The gold medalists for Kinder 2 Diamond are the following: Shaine Usigan, Sakisya Mwenfumbo, Nzel Jayson Mbanwel, and Leanne Houssam Fakih. For Kinder 2 Ruby, the gold medalists are Patricia Siandra Mandlate and Fatima Zehra.

The silver medalists for Kinder 2 Diamond are Maya Haithman Muslemani, Mason Silvestre Muianga, and Dennzel Emmerson Macamo. For Kinder 2 Ruby, the silver medalists are Michel Rinku Kumar, Kimaya Nhatsave, William Anthony Adams, Afonso Dias, and Irina Muhimua.

For bronze, Alayna Issufo Mogne, Li Shiyin, Maya Jamil Kassem, and Zeinab Sammoury for Kinder 2 Diamond. For Kinder 2 Ruby are Maya Safur, Sara Memon, Kwame Chichava, Gwendoline Chikowo, and Alana Pacheco, all bronze medalists.

 Congratulations kids!