The Academic Week


The Academic Week

"The Academic Week" refers to the events held this June. It comprises a Quiz Bee, a Spelling Contest, an Arts and Computer Contest, as well as a Speech and Writing Contest. The Grade 1 pupils held first, followed by the succeeding levels. The Quiz Bee was the main contest. Students were grouped and leaders were chosen. Each group has to coordinate with one another and discuss how to solve and give the right answer, so each member of the group has to participate and try his or her best to contribute. 

The questions given by the teachers were in three levels: easy, average, and difficult. A clincher type of question can be asked if there was a tie. That happened in grade 4, where the second and third places were created by this clincher.

Some of the activities were also held to coincide with the quiz bee. The arts and painting, as well as the computer contest, were done while the quiz bee is still ongoing. This was all done to save time so all students could participate. And it’s good that all came out well. 

The last of the activities in grade 4 was the Reading Conversation contest.  Two students were paired and read conversations in a form of speech marks so to actuate the direct speeches of the individuals.  It was a bit dramatic and exciting to see the students do these things like in a theatre.

Awarding took place after which Teacher Marly Gabriel, the principal of the Primary Department, and Mr. Mohammad Jamil Kassem, the school director, administered with the help of the class advisers.  These showed how sincere the school is in promoting morale and confidence among kids.  The rewards after competitions are for everyone and everybody has attained what they had done or accomplished.  Congratulations everybody!

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