Gardening and beautification

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Gardening and beautification in front of MIC happened beginning December of last year and continued this January, 2021.  The workers placed new soil and plants to the spaces just facing MIC entrance and exit in Eduardo Mondlane University road.  They also cemented the surroundings and neatly organized the pavement.  New fences were installed to give extra guard to the plants and the garden.  In almost everyday, the workers water the garden to see to it that they will grow strong and independent.  Mr. Ali Yahfoufi, the school administrator was always there to oversee the project.  He is the one that should be credited for giving a limelight to seemingly negative outlook of the year that passed.  The year 2020 was indeed horrible and hopefully, this year will give us an impetus to carry on and continue our life with normalcy even if it is not yet that reassuring.

Other than those mentioned, street lights were also changed.  MIC spent a lot in changing the old lamps to new ones.  Guess those new lights and plants will help us blossom into something more productive this new school year.  Thanks MIC and to our visionary School Administrator, Mr. Ali Yahfoufi.