Last Day and Report Card Distribution


Last Day and Report Card Distribution

July 22nd was the last day of classes for the students. They had a party in each class with the adviser facilitating. All of them shared some food with everybody in their class. They enjoyed watching movies, dancing to music, and playing games. It’s indeed their way of celebrating the end of the second term. After all the hardships and the test of time and pandemics, everybody needs to stretch out, relax, and have fun. Of course, even children need it.

During the celebration, some teachers were done with the tests and even grades, so they gave them to the class adviser to be noted on the summary of grades. The summary of grades comprises the grades of the students in each subject. It is linked to the student’s report card.

The report card distribution is scheduled for the 29th of July. It is expected that parents will come and receive the report cards of their children. It will also be an opportunity for the teachers to give assessments of the students in front of the parents.

Hope every parent will come on that date of card distribution. The third term of school will start on September 1. See you all soon, and have a wonderful vacation!

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