Back to face-to-face Classes


Back to face-to-face Classes


Schools were reopened by the President of Mozambique, Filipe Nyusi.  Based on his announcement last August 27, 2021, schools and other establishments which are temporarily closed due to covid are now allowed to operate again. 

So students came and throve at the beginning of the last term in MIC. From information gathered by the school among each class last September 9, the number of students doing online is so few compared to those attending face-to-face.  There were a total of 253 students coming into the school in the primary, as compared to only 15 who are doing online. Those attending online are accepted only because they are out of the country. Other than that, the school requires them to come to school.

So normal classes resumed in MIC. There were many students who came on the first day, September 1. They were particularly excited to see the new chairs and large computer monitors in each class. And as the days progresses both the students and the teachers saw how effective it was. Now, it’s so easy to show the students what the lesson is since the large monitors are connected to the internet. Visual aids are more interactive than ever before.